s5s, sign language interpreting is a 100% deaf-owned company focused on providing only certified interpreters to guarantee the highest quality of communication for both parties utilizing the service.

s5s employs only certified interpreters to guarantee the best experience possible.  A recent situation where a local government agency used an un-certified interpreter during a hurricane caused tremendous confusion for the deaf community. It is our goal to provide professional interpreting services at competitive rates to ensure all individuals receive full communication access.

As deaf-owned company and life-long consumers of interpreting services, we understand firsthand the unique and varying needs of individuals within the deaf community.  Let our expertise assist in ensuring that full communication access is always available to deaf and hard of hearing individuals nationwide.   

We are a nationwide sign language interpreting agency with major focuses in New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Sacramento, Seattle, Phoenix, Denver, Miami, Washington, D.C, and Rochester, NY.


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