AIR_BW.jpg                                                            Andrew Rubin

A native New Yorker, Andrew was born profoundly deaf. A third generation member of a deaf family, raised in a strong ASL environment, Andrew was the first person in his family to use sign language interpreters. Starting with high school to present day which is over 35 years. They were a must have for all his classes, personal and professional meetings, Broadway shows and tours.

His college experience with interpreters was most positive. School interpreting service customized his classes with preferred interpreters which he loved. An experience that he has not been able to replicate. Most interpreting agencies were not set up to assess his needs and requirements for the best fit. It has been a constant source of frustration. No more. Andrew has decided that this is the time to figure a way to correct these issues and has made it his sole mission to develop a service that is exceptional for both clients and interpreters.

When Andrew is not working, he enjoys exercising and power yoga. A die-hard NY Knicks and Mets fan who also is an avid art museum and Broadway theater goer. He is known for his knack of discovering cool ice cream parlors in his travels all through the US and overseas. He also loves watching his niece and nephew grow up.

He looks forward to working with you and feel free to contact him at if you have any questions.


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